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Three For Free


1-hour photoshoot on location or at client’s place

3 professionally retouched images in low resolution ready for social media

High resolution image: £30 per image

Terms and conditions can be found below.

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Terms and Conditions


After the photoshoot

Following the shoot, Grzegorz Iwanski will make proofs (unedited images) available on an online password-protected gallery or via email in the form of the contact-sheet to Client. Client will have to choose a number of images specified in “No. of images” for editing.

The proofs and turnaround

The proofs will be sent to Client within 48 hours. The turnaround for post processing is up to 7 working days commencing from the date the Photographer receives the complete list of images. The turnaround may be extended to 14 working days if the amount of images is more than 7. The list must be sent to the Photographer within 4 weeks from the date the proofs were sent to Client. Once the post-processed images have been approved by the Client, the images will be sent to the lab for prints or to Client to download digital files. Please see "Type of Files".

Additional orders

Grzegorz Iwanski will only provide additional professionally edited images at an additional charge. The non-refundable retainer of 50% of additional order applies. If the Client decides to buy the print, the retainer goes towards the print/download cost. Unedited images are not for sale and cannot be displayed.

High-End retouching

Grzegorz Iwanski will only provide high-end retouching to a photograph(s) at an additional charge (see the estimate) and when a retouching brief is provided from Client. The photographer reserves the right to refuse a job.

Image release

The Photographer will only release images from the session once the full payment (see Pricing) is paid to the photographer’s account.

Creative licence

Grzegorz Iwanski maintains free creative licence with respect to the artistry, style, and composition of photographs.

Style of photography

Client understands that he/she has viewed samples of previous work online and is satisfied with the overall style of photography that is presented but understands that creative licence and differences in locations and lighting allow for variations in composition, backgrounds, and colour tones of the photographs.

Image storage

Once Photographer has completed a client’s order by exchanging images for full payment, Photographer shall not be liable for storing those images for Client, unless Client submits additional orders at the ordering session.

Print and online image quality

Client can purchase high resolution images from as downloadable files for additional charge. Client understands that the Photographer uses a fully calibrated equipment and that ensures what the Photographer sees is what the Photographer gets in print. However, at the actual colours the Client sees depends on the Client computer/laptop/tablet and print labs for prints and other factors beyond the Photographer control.


Due to the custom nature of the work, no refunds will be provided for any orders resulting from this assignment for prints or photographic products once any work has commenced on the order.


All images remain copyright Grzegorz Iwanski / and may not be reproduced or digitally manipulated in any form without written permission.

This Client Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into, and is effective as of the Agreement Date (as defined in "The Photographer") by and between Grzegorz Iwanski / (“Photographer”) and the person(s) identified as the Client in "The Client" of this Agreement.

1. Definitions

1.1. “Assignment” refers to the portrait session and related photography described in "Type of Session" of the Agreement that Client is specifically commissioning Photographer to perform.

1.2. “Cancellation” means that the Assignment is cancelled by Client and not rescheduled. In the event of cancellation, Client will be responsible for those fees, costs and charges set forth in section 3.1 below.

1.3. “Postponement” is the rescheduling of the Assignment by the Client at least 72 hours prior to the Assignment to a mutually agreeable date, and no more than 60 calendar days after the original Assignment date.

1.4 “Work” means all photographic images, negatives, digital files, prints or other materials created by Photographer while performing the Assignment.


The first payment described in "Retainer" of the Agreement is due and payable upon scheduling of Assignment. The final payment described in "Remaining balance" of the Agreement is due and payable before 5 working days of Assignment.



If a confirmed shoot is cancelled, postponed or it is necessary to reshoot for reasons outside the control of the Photographer (including but not limited to unsuitable weather / light), the following fees plus expenses in all cases are applicable: On shoots of two days duration or less, cancellation within 2 days notice =100% of fees plus expenses incurred. Between 3 & 6 days notice = 75% fees plus expenses incurred. 7 days notice and over = 25% of fees plus expenses incurred. On shoots in excess of 2 days duration, cancellation within the number of shoot days or less = 100% of fees plus expenses incurred, within twice the number of shoot days = 75% fees plus expenses incurred, in excess of twice the number of shoot days 20% fees plus expenses incurred.


The photographer reserves the right to terminate the photo shoot when the photo shoot goes beyond what has been agreed before the photo shoot and/or Client has not completed the final payment. Client will not be refunded.


Photographer is not responsible if Client and/or key individuals fail to appear or cooperate during photo sessions, or for missed images due to details not revealed to Photographer. If Client and/or key individuals fail to appear to a scheduled portrait session, the 50% deposit/retainer is non-refundable. The session can be rescheduled at the original photo session fee, including an additional 50% deposit/retainer.


If the photographer cannot turn up on the chosen date (illness, personal problems), the client will be refunded 100% plus they will be given 50%OFF if they decide to use the services again.


Photographer does not warrant the longevity in quality of any digital media or files delivered to Client. Client bears the sole responsibility for backing up, archiving, and maintaining the integrity of the files.

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