Self portrait, not a selfie

Self-portrait #01

As a photographer I spend most of my time behind a camera directing a talent to create stunning images. My creative vision has no limits unlike a talent who is trying to recreate my vision. To better understand a talent sitting in front of my camera, I challenged myself with a series of portraits “Self portrait, not a selfie” to learn what it takes to perform in front of a camera.

Before putting my hands on the camera, I surf the net in search of inspiration. That’s right, you can only get inspired if you do something. I came across this image on social media and it got my attention right-away.


Image source: readylightmedia


I started analysing the photograph by listing what I can see in the image, Then I moved beyond the frame and asked myself “how many light sources are there?”, “where is it coming from?” Having minimum gear listed and light analysed I started listing things I do and the equipment I use to get some ideas of what props I could use for my self-portrait. Having a few ideas written down, I built a basic set in my living to try it out. 

For the shot, I used the following gear:

- white wall (thank God, it was already there)

- black reflector which was placed on a stand

- Gladys my most patient model 

- speedlight on the stand

- camera with my trusted 24-70mm lens placed on a tripod

- CamRanger as remote for the final shot

and I managed to produce this test shot.


Having all set, the time has come from me to sit down in front of the camera and create a Self-portrait #01. 

Do you take self-portraits or selfies? I would love to see your best one. Please paste the link in comments to your social media. Thanks.

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