Man’s Best Friend

Those talents do not need introduction to anyone. They have always been there for us since we learnt how to walk and talk. 

I photographed many dogs as a teenager and in my career as a photographer and I have never regretted any images I created. Here is my favourite series I created a few summers ago with Oh My Dog run by an amazing dog groomer Maria. 

During that series I managed to convince some of dog owners to sit in front of my camera and our collaboration resulted in some great shots.

For this series, I used the following gear:

- a camera with a wide angle lens which was on the tripod throughout the whole photo shoot.

- an octabox which was placed high above the camera 

For the settings, the camera was on a manual focus with aperture at f/11, shutter speed at 1/125 and ISO400.

With a modern cameras and smartphones you can capture great portraits of your favourite pet. Make your life easier by setting up your device to “eye detection” feature.

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